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Cii’s Modular Plug & Play System Boosts Building Management Efficiency


Underfloor and ceiling power saves time, money, and power

New Bedford, MA (September 2019) – Communications Integrators, Inc. (Cii) is North America’s leader in the design and manufacturing of modular power, voice, and data solutions for tomorrow’s infrastructures.

Cii’s comprehensive electrical and networking Plug & Play systems allow businesses to effortlessly reconfigure power and network infrastructure in order to meet ever-evolving industry requirements. Installed in the ceiling or floor, the Plug & Play system comes preassembled and easily snaps together, which saves money on man hours and material costs.
Reduced Installation Time: Plug & Play’s innovative PowerMate connectors cut installation time by 75%. The PowerMate connector is fully insulated with a first make/last break ground so it can be safely plugged and unplugged under live load. With 10 conductors, it has enough capacity for 4 dedicated circuits.

Save Material Cost: Completely reconfigurable, Plug & Play systems can be repurposed for each facility redesign. Reuse the system once and raw material impact is reduced by 50% when compared to re-wiring for each move. Do it again and impact is reduced by 66%. Reconfigure once more, and the usage of copper and metals is reduced by 75%.
Cii is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and is committed to increasing building value while promoting environmentally sound practices. Cii’s factory dedication to sustainability pushes systems beyond LEED, Title 24, and ASHRAE.

About Cope:
Cope, part of Atkore International, is an industry leader in cable management solutions and the premier producer of all major categories of cable tray systems. There is a Cope cable management solution for all types of projects and facilities, ranging from standard commercial systems to the heaviest industrial systems. Their high quality and unique features make the Cope product line the preferred choice of installers and facility owners for power and data communication systems. All Cope products are produced to NEMA standards.

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